2 Signs Your Car's Manual Transmission Clutch Is Going Bad

Lately, whenever you try to use the clutch pedal to shift gears, you may have noticed that your car behaves strangely or makes odd noises. If so, there is a possibility that the culprit causing the issues is a bad clutch. If you suspect that this may be the case, look for the following signs that your car's manual transmission clutch is going bad.

1.  Engine Roars While the Car Slows Down

One sign that you may have noticed which alerted you to a possible issue with your transmission's clutch is the way your car acts whenever you try to engage the clutch by pressing the pedal. You may find that the engine roars as if it is working extra hard, but the car slows down and is unable to accelerate right away when you step on the gas.

If this is happening to your vehicle, the condition known as clutch slippage may be occurring. Normally, when you press on the pedal and the clutch engages, enough friction is produced between the gears to enable the transmission to shift smoothly.

However, if the gears have become worn, their ability to produce immediate friction can be compromised. Your motor is ready to speed up, but since the clutch is delayed when shifting gears, it takes a few seconds for the clutch to catch up with the motor.

2.  Grinding Noise Is Present After You Release the Clutch Pedal

Another sign that your clutch is going bad is also one that should alert you to a serious problem requiring repairs as soon as possible. Whenever you press on the clutch pedal, you may not hear anything unusual. However, as soon as you release the pedal, a grinding noise can be heard coming from the transmission.

This condition is known as a dragging clutch, which means that the clutch is not disengaging after you release the pedal. Because the plates inside the clutch stay engaged, the metal of the gears is grinding against each other.

If you are hearing this sound, the gears are most likely already worn down. If you do not have it repaired, the gears may wear down completely, making it virtually impossible for you to engage the clutch and shift gears while you are driving.

If you notice either of the signs above, your transmission's clutch is going bad, necessitating a replacement of either part or all of it. However, unless you have extensive experience with repairing or rebuilding transmissions, you should take your car to a shop that offers transmission services to have them diagnose the problem and make the appropriate repairs.

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