Three Places To Buy Parts For Your Truck

Getting truck equipment and parts can sometimes be difficult if you don't know where the look. When you need a part, the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time looking for it, but there are some places that you can start looking at that offer the best opportunity for you.

Truck Dealership

The truck dealership is one place where you can almost always get the part you need for your truck. Many times hard-to-find items are available from the dealer as original equipment parts (OE), even when they are not available in the aftermarket. 

The price for parts from the dealership may be a little higher than other places, but remember, the OE parts are the same parts that are used in the factory to assemble your truck. You are not getting a knock off or copy of the part that was on your truck, you are getting the same, original part that is going to fit right and have the right specifications for the truck. 

If the dealer does not have the part in stock, they can order it from the manufacturer for you unless the truck is older and no longer in production,

Aftermarket Replacement Parts

Most auto parts stores carry a large selection of replacement parts made by many different companies. Sometimes they are name brand parts, and other times they are from third parties that you may not have heard of but are large manufacturers in the parts industry. The quality of the parts may not be as high as the OE parts, but good aftermarket parts meet the basic factory specs of the manufacturer and will keep your truck on the road. 

Pay close attention to the fit of aftermarket parts and make sure you match up your old part to the new one. Sometimes aftermarket manufacturers produce parts that fit several trucks, so the part may look slightly different but may still work correctly. If you are not sure, bring in the old part or take a picture of it so you can match it up to the new part before you buy it.

Used or Salvage Parts

Used parts for your truck are the least expensive option in most cases, and if the parts are still in good shape, you may get several years of use from them. Many times, salvaged parts come from wrecked trucks that are still relatively new, and the parts may not have many hours of service on them. 

The parts are inexpensive but may not have a long warranty on them, so using used or salvage parts requires taking some time to look at where the parts came from and determining if you want to take a chance that the part is going to last. 

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