Getting The Most Out Of Your Brakes Through Professional Repair

Studies show that about 5 percent of all car accidents each year are due to brake failure. As you might imagine, this could have fatal consequences or could be the cause of some significant injuries. The best way around these issues is to take your vehicle to an auto shop that handles brakes. This should be done once or twice per year, and it'll save you a lot of money, plenty of heartaches, and maybe even your life. Here's what you should know about getting your brakes taken care of by a professional shop. 

Get the rotors and other parts inspected with regularity

Your brakes consist of a series of parts, including pads, rotors, cylinders, lines, pedals and master cylinders. All of these parts should be looked at regularly — preferably once a year. Getting a brake inspection will cost a little more than $80 at a dedicated brake shop. Since you're entrusting your life and health to these brakes, you can never check too often. 

Change the pads and the entire brake system when they're too worn

Veering too much to one side or the other and squeaking brake pads are two signs that your brakes are beginning to wear down. When these signs begin to show themselves, it's probably time to change the pads. If they aren't showing any of these signs, you should still start thinking about changing out your brake pads once they have reached the 30,000-mile mark or so. 

Eliminate any fluid issues

Swap out your brake fluid if it begins to get too dirty or if it starts leaking out of control. Putting some fresh brake fluid into your vehicle will keep your system well lubricated and will let them operate more safely. You can flush and bleed your brakes for about $100 when you consult with a professional shop. 

Drive carefully during inclement weather and watch your loads

Prevention is one of the best things that you can look into when you need the best brake service. Watching how you drive is the first step — especially in inclement weather. Driving too fast or recklessly when there is rain or ice on the ground can badly compromise your brakes and make them wear down. You should also avoid carrying heavy loads in your vehicle any more frequently than absolutely necessary. 

Let these tips get you started when you're trying to take better care of your brakes. 

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